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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Postal Service postpones consolidations and changes to mail service standards

A step in the right direction in the saving of the United States Postal Service!

In an article from the American Postal Workers Union, "The Postal Service announced in the Federal Register on Jan. 24 that it is postponing Phase 2 of its latest mail processing consolidation plan, which was slated to begin on Feb. 1. The USPS is also delaying implementation of changes to service standards that would have further slowed the mail, to the detriment of customers and postal workers."
Mail processing facility closures were contingent upon revisions to mail service standards changes. The postponement of service standard changes are a major victory for the citizens of the United States of America, employees of the Postal Service and mailers alike. It is obvious that the citizens of this country have spoken loudly and want to save the timely delivery and universal mail service to all patrons. To have purposely slowed the mail in this country would have been a disservice to everyone and would have only led to the possible destruction of the Postal Service as well as a move toward privatization which we all realize would lead to exorbitant rate increases for first-class mail. This decision may be a realization that our government is actually listening to the desires of the citizens of this great country and will preserve an institution that is vital to the infrastructure of our country. We applaud the intelligent decision to, at least, temporarily put a halt to the destruction of the United States Postal Service and the network as we know it today. The Postal Service is like the United States Military, as it was not designed to be a 'for profit' entity, but was constructed to provide an efficient and effective service to its citizens.


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