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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Union Calls on USPS to Postpone Consolidations

‘Congress is Killing the Postal Service’

"...little attention has been paid to other drastic measures the USPS is taking that will significantly delay mail and permanently damage the nation’s mail system,” he remarked after the USPS Board of Governors announced it was backing off plans to end delivery of letters and periodicals on Saturdays. Since 2012, the USPS has closed or consolidated 114 mail processing facilities, one third of the nation’s mail processing capacity. The Postal Service has also reduced hours at approximately 6,500 post offices and plans to cut hours at 6,500 more. Reneging on its commitment to lawmakers, communities, customers and postal workers, the agency announced last month that it was accelerating plans to close even more mail processing facilities. The USPS said it will consolidate 71 plants this year that were originally scheduled for possible closure in 2014...."    

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