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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jacksonville, Florida Postal Workers Win Piece of Powerball

Postal Workers Won Powerball

"...Lottery officials tell us the winning ticket was purchased at the Publix on Beach and Kernan. They say the postal workers ..."    

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free 2012 North Pole Postmark Holiday Ideas

Elf on the Shelf- how does yours arrive?

"...I used a priority mail box from the post office because I have so many of them around for sending things out it was easy to grab, and I like that it already says "priority". They are free from the US Post Office, but I recommend if you pick one up, use it for your Elf and then actually mail something with it. The post mark I downloaded from 2012 Christmas North Pole Postmark Cancellation and it is also free-thank you to them for providing that!..."    

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PMG Donahoe: "We're required by law to provide universal service to the American public at a universal price"

U.S. Postmaster General: "We're facing our own fiscal cliff"

"...Privatization of the Postal Service has been a topic of discussion for years, but the issue is delivering to the areas the U.S.P.S. does. "We're required by law to provide universal service to the American public at a universal price," he said. "(FedEx and UPS) are great companies. But there are many parts of the country that FedEx and UPS don't deliver, but maybe two times a week. If we had the flexibility to change delivery schedules, we would make money, too."..."    

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Postal Service false woes are great for private Mailbox franchises

What Do the USPS Financial Troubles Mean for Mailbox Franchises and Independent Mailbox Store Owners?

"...The Mail Box Stores, the largest independent non-franchise developer of mailbox stores in North America. According to her, while overall the number of deliveries for USPS may have decreased the decline in mail overall is not necessarily down as much as the USPS numbers may make it seem. Increased population..."    

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

While Postal Service Works to Close Huntsville (Alabama) Mail Processing Facility, Pitney Bowes Software’s Data Analytics Says Huntsville Ranks in Top 50 for Major* Metro Areas for Projected Percentage Growth

Pitney Bowes Software’s Data Analytics Says Houston, Atlanta and Washington DC Will Add the Most New Households in Next Five Years

"...“Projected household growth is a critical indicator for the economic prospects of a specific geographic area, and this data can help real estate, retail and a range of other businesses, plan their growth strategy scientifically,” said John O’Hara, President of Pitney Bowes Software. “It is no longer acceptable to make strategic business decisions on gut feel alone. Given the plethora of data, and the advanced tools for analyzing it, business leaders can stay ahead of real estate trends for planning.”..."    
*More than 100,000 households

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Is USPS piling consolidations into phase 2 during phase 1 Post-Implementation Reviews

Network Rationalization Update, with detailed schedule of changes

"...It's still possible that phase 2 will never happen. The Postal Regulatory Commission's advisory opinion basically recommended against it, at least until the Postal Service could see the effects of phase 1 and do some Post-Implementation Reviews. Since the Postal Service first announced the Network Rationalization initiative in December 2011, it has changed the plan several times...."    

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hubbard v USPS Settlement - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees who...

Hubbard v USPS Settlement - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees who...

Excerpt from website: "...The settlement agreement affects the following individuals, who are considered eligible class members: All current and former Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees who were employed by the Postal Service between November 14, 2001, and the Effective Date, who allege that: (1) they were denied communication accommodations, including interpreters, for critical workplace meetings and events; (2) they were denied TTY for phone communications; (3) they were denied emergency evacuation notification systems; (4) they were subjected to a hostile work environment and/or harassment due to their deafness or hearing impairment; and/or (5) they were denied promotional opportunities and/or assistance to pursue promotional opportunities within the Postal Service due to their deafness or hearing impairment. ..."    

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Privatizing the Postal Service

Business takes over small post office

"...Village post offices are operated by local businesses contracting with the postal service, and offer a range of products and services including stamps and flat-rate packaging...."    

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Postal Service updated consolidation list - November 16, 2012


"...By letter dated November 16, the Postal Service has notified the NPMHU of an updated list of facilities that will be impacted in February 2013. The NPMHU will be meeting with Postal Headquarters to determine the impacts, by Installation, and to ensure that all appropriate Contractual provisions are adhered to regarding the affected Mail Handlers. ..."    

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an updated list of facilities that will be impacted in February 2013

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Are more USPS buyouts and early retirements coming?

Lynch optimistic about solving U.S. Postal Service's financial woes

Congressman Stephen Lynch

"...It would allow the USPS to offer buyouts and early retirement packages to 100,000 employees, and authorize a switch to five-day delivery – eliminating Saturday mail service – if the Postal Service cannot come up with other cost savings within two years...."    
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Postal Service Double Standard? You Decide

While it predicts 20% hike in festive package volumes, the Postal Service, in Mail Handler contract arbitration hearings, has proposed absolutely no general wage increases, no cost-of-living adjustments for the mail handlers that actually physically work the mail while at the same time the USPS Execs Get Illegally High Salaries Admid $11.6 Bil Loss. .

Postal career retirees being replaced by non-career employees

US Postal Service points to dozens of retirements as it pushes for more NM hires

"...The jobs are described as transitional and postal support positions. None of the jobs offer benefits, but some come with the potential of permanent employment with the agency. The pay ranges from $12.38 to $16 per hour...."    

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Draconian Postal Service Proposals in Union Contract Arbitration Presentation Would Rape Workers

Mail Handler Contract Update #14

"...What follows from these arguments is a series of draconian proposals from the Postal Service, including – for current mail handlers – absolutely no general wage increases, no cost-of-living adjustments, and a drastic increase in employee contributions for health insurance to the current rate paid by federal employees. Another proposal from the Postal Service seeks to substantially modify, and effectively eliminate, the current no lay-off clause...."    

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Gift Idea: Upcycled Mail Sack Tote

Upcycled Mail Sack Tote

"...Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night shall keep you from carrying it all to wherever your travels may take you. Handmade from repurposed mail sacks, this sturdy, canvas tote delivers edgy style to your daily stash of cards, keys, notes and electronics...."    

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USPS pension surplus projection way down

Projected Postal Service pension surplus shrinks

"...benefits covering about 471,000 current postal employees shrank to $2.6 billion from $10.9 billion a year earlier, John Berry, director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, said in an Oct. 30 letter to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe...."    

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Why is the flag upside down at Clarkson Post Office

Old Glory upside down at Clarkson post office

"...At first, Eric Ferguson thought the upside-down flag flying outside the Clarkson post office on Lake Road was an honest mistake. But with the flag still broadcasting a distress signal five days after he first notified post office staff of the error, he isn’t so sure...."    

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Postal carrier thought dead man was Halloween decoration

US Postal Service defends mailman who stepped around dead man

"...the carrier told them he thought the body was a mannequin, a decoration left over from Halloween...."    

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anthony Vegliante: "I don't really have a concern about work falling between the cracks."

No new buyouts on Postal Service horizon

Anthony J. Vegliante
"..."I don't really have a concern about work falling between the cracks. And the reason I say that is because the Postal Service is probably at an all-time high of delivery service to its customers," Vegliante said. "Our customer satisfaction measurements are all increasing...."    
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Squirrel goes postal in Birmingham, Alabama - takes out power

Power restored downtown, squirrel was culprit

"...The Jefferson County courthouse, the Birmingham Board of Education and the U.S. Postal Service were among those without electricity...."    

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"Place Stamp Here" Cause Voting Postage Issue

U.S. Postal Service Considering Billing Board Of Election For Absentee Ballot Postage Confusion

"...The ballot turned out to be heavier than the board originally thought, and the postage required on them increased to 65 cents. Instead of noting on the envelop how many stamps are required, it just reads “Place stamp here.”..."    

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Postmaster General denies request to "cease this practice" of delivering postage-short ballots

In Oregon secretary of state's race, Brown and Buehler continue to spar over ballot postage issue

"...The issue arose in the last few days following the release of an Oct. 31 letter that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe sent to Trout saying he was denying Trout's request to "cease this practice" of delivering postage-short ballots. ..."    

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Springfield, Oregon mail processing facility rallies for survival

Protesters rally to save postal facility

"...The plant has already scaled back their operations and are closed on Saturdays. The US Postal Service said that it plans to close the plant on April 14th, 2014; the day before tax day. The Post Office portion of the location would remain open...."    

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Improvements at poor performing postal facility

12 INVESTIGATES: Improvements at USPS Sandston plant

"...major problems with mail delivery in Central Virginia. Packages, bills, letters and magazines sitting at the Sandston Distribution Center, untouched and delivered weeks late. ..."    

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Hurricane Sandy disrupts postal delivery

Sandy Swamps Post Office and Other Shippers

"..."The U.S. Postal Service is committed to the safety of its employees and the delivery of mail and packages to every address in America," Patricia Licata, a USPS senior public relations representative of told BusinessNewsDaily in a prepared statement. "We regularly deliver mail in adverse conditions and therefore, where it’s safe to do so, USPS will continue to deliver the mail in areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. ..."    

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Postal employees consider buyout

Postal workers consider buyout

"...The local eligible workers represent about 40 percent of the 395 members of the American Postal Workers Union Akron Local 120. They work at the Akron mail processing and distribution center on Wolf Ledges Parkway and at post offices, stations and branches in the Akron area...."    

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Birmingham, Alabama admits mail problem

Postal Service acknowledges Birmingham absentee ballot problem

"...She started asking questions and received concerning answers. USPS says mail processing equipment erroneously read the return address as the mailing address. They did not specify if the error occurred in Birmingham or in Montgomery, where the mail was post marked...."    

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