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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Burrus Criticizes Exclusion Of Postal Unions from OIG Workshare Audit

"... APWU President William Burrus has criticized a decision by the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) to exclude postal unions from providing input into a recently-announced audit of postage workshare discounts. The OIG plans to interview a range of “stakeholders,” including mailers’ representatives — who are the beneficiaries of the discounts — Burrus noted.

In a May 21 letter to the Inspector General, Burrus said that he did not believe the exclusion of the unions was an oversight, since the announcement of the audit followed so closely a May 12, 2010, House Subcommittee hearing on the subject of workshare discounts. During the hearing, the APWU criticized postal management and the OIG “for turning a blind eye to the abuses,” he wrote...."    postal news

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Unions, Management Reach Settlement of Unions’ Privacy Lawsuit

"...In accordance with the agreement, the Postal Service and its agents must present a “HIPAA letter” to healthcare providers before asking them to disclose any health information about employees. The letter must include a description of the information sought and a statement demonstrating how it is relevant to a legitimate law enforcement inquiry. The letter also must instruct healthcare providers to provide only information that is relevant to the investigation of the employee’s alleged violations of law...."    postal news

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Monday, May 24, 2010

IRS may get access to TSP accounts of tax-delinquent feds

"...gives IRS the upper hand in its push to seize TSP accounts in the same way it can seize private-sector 401(k) accounts. IRS can already seize federal employees' wages to repay tax debts under the Federal Payment Levy Program...."    postal news

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Could US Postal Service be key to investigating Landis allegations?

"...the United States Postal Service. As a Government agency, it is reasonable to assume that it will be interested in finding out what happened to its money once it was paid to Tailwind Sports, the company that owned and ran the team. When the United States Postal Service terminated its nine-year sponsorship of the team at the end of 2004, it was reported the agency's commitment had risen to around $8m a year....."    postal news

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Major Mailer Discounts at the Expense of the Average American Customer?

"... Bernie Madoff Would be Proud

“This is a PONZI-like scheme Bernie Madoff would be proud of,” he added in oral comments. The Postal Service diverts mail volume to the private sector, using an exaggerated per-piece cost to set postage discounts. At the same time, discount-funded private mail processing plants are opened, while more efficient USPS processing centers are consolidated, he said.

“The results benefit major mailers, while making the USPS less efficient and more expensive,” Burrus said...."    postal news

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FBI investigating four packages sent to Toyota

"...Toyota had received three packages since Friday and a fourth was intercepted at a post office in Princeton, Indiana, near a Toyota manufacturing plant, all from the same sender, Toyota spokesman Mike Goss said...."    postal news

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Postal Service won't have enough money to make payroll...

"...By fall, the Postal Service won't have enough money to make payroll, Potter predicts. But big customers, regulators, lawmakers and organized labor still have to be won over. ..."    postal news

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Friday, May 7, 2010

USPS loses another $1.9bn

"...reduced work hours by 12.7% in mail processing and 11.6% in customer services. For the year to date, overall expenses have been reduced $1.4bn or 3.8% below the previous year. “Despite aggressive efforts to reduce costs, including the reduction in full-time equivalent employees by more than 120,000..."    postal news

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