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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

They got you again! Think you are getting a pay raise? Think again.

Federal employee health insurance premiums to rise by 6.1 percent

"...The nearly two-thirds of enrollees covered by a Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan will pay $7.17 more per biweekly pay period next year than last year for self-only coverage; $17.04 more for self plus one other person and $17.72 for self and family coverage..."    

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More Reading: In relation to the story above, let's take a look at the last COLA a postal Mail Handler received and compare it to your expected health insurance cost:
  • Estimated COLA increase for a Mail Handler: Approximately $10.38 Biweekly pay period
  • Estimated increase in Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Plan: $17.04 more for self plus one other person and $17.72 for self and family coverage Biweekly pay period

  • Wow! That's a pretty good beating!...and that example does not include the amount the government will increase the portion you will pay toward your insurance, etc. And if you think that is a big hit, just wait and see of the GOP is able to harm you even more with the 2018 Budget attacks on federal retirement, SRS, high three and more. .