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Saturday, April 18, 2015

When Complement Managers Make Contact, Union Calls Foul

When Complement Managers Make Contact, Union Calls Foul

"...Everything from the bogus figures in the reports – that haven’t changed since they were first issued two to three (some four) years ago – is wrong. The numbers weren’t correct then, and couldn’t possibly be correct now. The misrepresented findings are clearly “rationalized.”

Management is using AMPs to rationalize their actions, with little basis in fact. They are moving equipment, knowing there is no place to reassign all of the impacted employees. Postal workers are constantly bombarded with realigned schedules and tour changes.

A few years back, management decided to practically eliminate Tour 2 in most plants, and forced employees on standby time, so work could be saved for the evening. Now, we have “four walls,” 24-hour clock, and employees are being moved back on Tour 2 with plans to work around the clock. Go figure...."    

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