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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mailman is an American Patriot: Doug Hughes' "Freedom Flight" spotlights Corruption in Washington DC that has has robbed the US citizens of a representative government that is our birthright.

Secret Service Well Aware of Doug Hughes "Freedom Flight"

He Was Visited By Secret Service Agents About His Plan Last Year
"...Hughes wrote about the planned gyrocopter flight on his website, The Democracy Club:
'Let me say first – this is a non-violent demonstration. I have no intention of hurting anyone – I have taken every precaution to prevent any injury to anyone, including me. There is no way I can prevent over-reaction by the authorities, but I have given them as much information and advance warning as my fuel supply allows. When I took off, I was over an hour away from the no-fly zone.

The demonstration is about restoring democracy. Corruption in Washington DC has robbed the US citizens of the representative government that is our birthright. Polls show that the public is aware of the problem and VERY concerned, but they are largely uninformed that there is a solution and there are organizations prepared to make reform a reality'

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YOU CAN HELP FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON DC: Rootstrikers, Wolf PAC, Represent.US, The Civilist Papers,
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