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Monday, April 27, 2015

Union discovers irregularities in postal employees "ring times"

USPS investigating happenings at Arsenal branch post office

"...Tony Boyd, president of the union's local chapter said he knows two postal employees are on administrative leave after he and a union steward brought irregularities in postal employees "ring times" to the attention of the local postmaster and regional director...."    

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

When Complement Managers Make Contact, Union Calls Foul

When Complement Managers Make Contact, Union Calls Foul

"...Everything from the bogus figures in the reports – that haven’t changed since they were first issued two to three (some four) years ago – is wrong. The numbers weren’t correct then, and couldn’t possibly be correct now. The misrepresented findings are clearly “rationalized.”

Management is using AMPs to rationalize their actions, with little basis in fact. They are moving equipment, knowing there is no place to reassign all of the impacted employees. Postal workers are constantly bombarded with realigned schedules and tour changes.

A few years back, management decided to practically eliminate Tour 2 in most plants, and forced employees on standby time, so work could be saved for the evening. Now, we have “four walls,” 24-hour clock, and employees are being moved back on Tour 2 with plans to work around the clock. Go figure...."    

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Postal Service lack of customer service angers tax filers

Dayton tax filers upset USPS didn’t stay open

"...there was no one available to cancel their return so that it is postmarked on April 15. According to one witness, some people were ringing a bell and banging on the counter at the customer service desk. ..."    

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mailman is an American Patriot: Doug Hughes' "Freedom Flight" spotlights Corruption in Washington DC that has has robbed the US citizens of a representative government that is our birthright.

Secret Service Well Aware of Doug Hughes "Freedom Flight"

He Was Visited By Secret Service Agents About His Plan Last Year
"...Hughes wrote about the planned gyrocopter flight on his website, The Democracy Club:
'Let me say first – this is a non-violent demonstration. I have no intention of hurting anyone – I have taken every precaution to prevent any injury to anyone, including me. There is no way I can prevent over-reaction by the authorities, but I have given them as much information and advance warning as my fuel supply allows. When I took off, I was over an hour away from the no-fly zone.

The demonstration is about restoring democracy. Corruption in Washington DC has robbed the US citizens of the representative government that is our birthright. Polls show that the public is aware of the problem and VERY concerned, but they are largely uninformed that there is a solution and there are organizations prepared to make reform a reality'

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YOU CAN HELP FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON DC: Rootstrikers, Wolf PAC, Represent.US, The Civilist Papers,
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why a Small Amount of USPS Packages May Have Been Delayed

Why Your USPS Packages May Have Been Delayed

"...A spokesperson for the USPS Southern Area provided the following response to our inquiry about the OIG audit report on the Dallas, TX MTESC: "You asked whether shippers or other customers should know anything about this matter. I would like to stress that this was a localized event, limited to the Dallas MTESC, and is not representative of the country as a whole. ..."    

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Postal Service in North Dakota rarely met national service standards in recent years

Audit shows U.S. Postal Service couldn't keep up with Bakken boom

"...Postal Service compensation, established through union negotiations, is not always competitive..."    

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Birmingham, AL: Two men identifying themselves as postal workers attack and rob woman

Woman held at gunpoint during home invasion

"...Police say the men identified themselves as postal workers. After the victim opened her front door, the men reportedly forced their way into the apartment. That's when one of two men threw the woman to the ground and pointed a gun at her. ..."    

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