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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thrift Savings Plan, FERS, APWU Suit, Postal

Jan. 19, 2008:   APWU, NALC Sue USPS and Inspector General
Over Invasion of Medical-Records Privacy
  "... The suit alleges that the OIG has routinely instructed medical providers that they must submit records to the OIG and that they should refrain from notifying affected employees that the records have been requested by the OIG. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 19, 2008:   [Thrift Savings Plan] Can You Risk Playing It Safe?   "... "FERS employees (the majority of people now working for Uncle Sam) have the most difficult situation," he said. Because they have smaller civil service retirement benefits, and get diet-COLAs which don't kick in until age 62 ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 19, 2008:   Study Finds Postal Service Gets No Edge   "... Indeed, federally imposed restraints on the post office's operations increase its costs to provide competitive products by an estimated $330 million to $782 million a year, the FTC said. ..."    [Reference:]