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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Postal News: Are you overpaid? ...and more articles

Jan. 11, 2008:   Are You Overpaid?   "... At least three presidents - Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton - thought so. They believed federal pay was out of line because the value of perks like retirements, holidays, and cradle-to-grave health insurance weren't considered as part of compensation. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 11, 2008:   [Alaska] Former Kipnuk postmaster faces charges for assaulting workers   "... a postal employee in Kipnuk since December 2000, and became the officer in charge in September 2007. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 11, 2008:   U.S. Postal Service Gets Scientific With New Stamps   "... Due for self-adhesive glory are physicist John Bardeen, inventor of the transistor; astronomer Edwin Hubble ..."    [Reference:]